Please use this page to send me an email.

Feedback is very important. I can research these wells through published documents, but so much of the folklore is known and remembered only by people who have been brought up close to the wells, or have family stories going back across the generations. Most importantly my research, whilst done with the best intentions, clearly can be fallible. I would love it if this website could become a place where people can share memories of these sites, and contribute to keeping stories, which otherwise are being quickly forgotten, alive. ,

Additionally, I am always interested to hear stories of people’s experiences at wells, and I try to answer any questions when I can.

I check my inbox most days and shall try to respond as soon as possible.


  1. This is a great resource and would be interesting to put more information about holy water and wells. I did some research into beliefs but never enough.

  2. Hi Kyle – thanks, I have thought a couple of times of expanding out into wider thoughts into belief, but it’s a massive field and I’m not sure how ell I could deal with it. Would be interested to find out more about what you mean in terms of information and where your research led you to.

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