North Wales

North Wales Pilgrims Way
Dedicated to the Pilgrimage route across North Wales from St Winefride’s Well at Holywell to bardsey island. Provides maps, suggested routes, links to places on the way and a history of the pilgrimage route and sites.


The Megalithic Portal
An online database of historic sites, mainly deals with pre-historic sites, but includes wells. The database is interactive, wikipedia style, in that users can create pages for sites, upload information and photographs. It  is far from complete, and sometimes inaccurate, but provides a lot of useful information in locating sites.

Cymdeithas Ffynhonnau Cymru
The website of the Welsh Holy Wells Society. Contains information about a number of wells, arranged by county, and also an intermittent newsletter from the society. There is a lot of information, although there is no consistent presentation for each site. Concentrates on campaigning for the restoration of wells. Website is in Welsh.

Source.  An occasional  periodical devoted to Holy Wells published between 1994 and 1998. Index to all issues and links to many of the articles are available here.

Cumbria Holy Wells Trust
St Winefride’s Well, Holywell

Welsh Saints

The Cult of Saints in Wales Project – An ongoing project by University of Wales to research the Welsh Saints. the aim is to publish online a  digital edition of some 100 medieval Welsh langauge texts about the saints in Welsh and English.

Welsh Archaeology

Archwilio – the online access system to the Historic Environment Records (HERs) of Wales.

Coflein – the online database for the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW)

Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust



Ford, David Nash (2005) Early British Wokingham: Nash Ford Publishing
Really a kids guide, but sets out details of some of the Celtic saints lives and gives details of the various kingdoms of England and Wales in the Dark Ages in an easy to ready style.

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